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Americans for Asset Protection defends the rights of Americans to maintain their financial independence.

Americans have been left with fewer options for their post-work years. Instead of enjoying the fruits of their labors, they are worrying about who will support and provide for themselves when they will be most vulnerable. We believe these times call for the iron-clad promise of the insurance industry.

We believe people across the economic spectrum should have the power to choose their own future, not just those who are fortunate enough to afford concierge service.

We believe Americans should be able to turn to Main Street agents and advisors for assistance in confronting their retirement and legacy fears.

We believe the life insurance industry has been a keystone to American prosperity since Benjamin Franklin helped develop the first company even before we became The United States of America.

We believe Americans should have a well-regulated and diverse financial marketplace on which they can depend and prosper.

We believe it is the duty of this nation’s legislators and regulators to protect Americans from bad actors while also maintaining conditions for a vibrant, competitive marketplace. 

We believe it is the solemn responsibility of the life insurance industry to safeguard its promises and uphold the highest ethics in all its dealings.


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